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P150 Harrier

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Part Number: P150
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List Price: £157.80 inc vat  (£131.50 + vat)
Our Price: £126.24 inc vat  (£105.20 + vat)

Portable 6v electric fence energiser with two output levels. Ideal for strip grazing.
When animals are first introduced to the electric fence the fencing unit is set to 'high' for about seven days. This allows the animals time to get accustomed to and respect the fence unit. After this initial period the fencing unit can be switched to 'low' to conserve battery life. On the 'low' setting the battery will last about 3 months and on the ‘high’ setting for approximately 2 months when used 24hrs a day.

Made in the UK

• 0.065 Stored joules
• Uses 6v internally housed battery (P44)
• 1km Fence length
• High and low power settings
• Battery life approx. 11 - 15 weeks