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Hotline Hotline Shrike - HLB100
Part Number: HLB100
List Price: £82.62 inc vat  (£68.85 + vat)
Our Price: £59.99 inc vat  (£49.99 + vat)

This modern design battery electric fence energiser is ideally suited for the equestrian market. It is perfect for paddock fencing or strip grazing. The Shrike hangs conveniently on the fence line. Place the unit between 2 posts placed closely together to prevent the unit being blown along the fence line. The Shrike works off 2 D cell batteries, which will last approximately 8 weeks, 24 hrs a day. There is an On/Off switch plus an LED to indicate that the unit is working. Batteries are not supplied.

Made in the UK

0.04 Stored joules
Uses 2 x D-Cell batteries
0.8km Fence length
Battery life approx. 6-8 weeks