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Camouflage Energiser Cover

Hotline Hotline Camouflage Energiser Cover - EC1
Part Number: EC1
List Price: £22.74 inc vat  (£18.95 + vat)
Our Price: £19.99 inc vat  (£16.66 + vat)

Despite being designed to sit outside in all weathers, energisers inevitably succumb to the elements to some degree, not least the destructive effects of UV on plastic products. Our camouflage covers are designed to both extend the life of your energiser and to provide some protection from theft. Few security methods will provide an effective deterrant against a determined theif but as most energiser thefts are opportunistic, making your energiser less visible is a real benifit.

Cover for P150, P300, P500 and P525
Protect your energiser
Weather proof