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P525 Buzzard

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Part Number: P525
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List Price: £216.00 inc vat  (£180.00 + vat)
Our Price: £169.99 inc vat  (£141.66 + vat)

Ideal for all farm uses where mains is not available.
The P525 Buzzard electric fence energiser is recommended for use on long boundary fencing applications where it is not possible to use a 22Ov mains electricity unit. As long distances of fencing are frequently used with the P525 Buzzard, more than one earth stake may be required for effective operation. Ideal for all farm uses, 3 reel and netting systems. The P525 Buzzard is a very powerful battery fencer with two levels of output. A rechargeable battery of at least 100amp/hr is therefore required. Recharging will be required every two weeks.

Made in the UK

2.4 Stored joules
12v Leisure battery input
25km Fence length
High and low power settings
Battery life approx. 1.5 - 3.5 weeks