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P505 Osprey

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Part Number: P505
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List Price: £180.00 inc vat  (£150.00 + vat)
Our Price: £126.00 inc vat  (£105.00 + vat)

Ideal for Nets, 3 reel systems and where mains power is not available.
This hi-powered electric fence energiser is suitable for all farm uses where mains power is not available. It is ideal for large / multiple paddocks, for sheep - up to 15 electrified sheep nets, protecting crops from rabbit infestation, pigs, poultry and cattle (beef & dairy).
The P505 Osprey has two output levels and is powered by a 12v rechargeable leisure battery. The Amp/hr rating of the battery will determine the charging interval. For example, a 75 amp/hr battery will require charging every 3 weeks. As the unit is designed to he used on long lengths of fencing, an earth stake at least 1m in length must be used. If animals are being fenced 'in' for the first time, the fencing unit should he set to ‘high’ for about seven days. This allows the animals time to get accustomed to and respect the fence line. After this initial period the fencing unit can be switched to ‘low’ to conserve battery life. If the electric fencer is being used to keep animals ‘out’ from an area, then the unit should always be switched to the 'high' output position.
The P505 Osprey is Identical in performance and usage to the P500 Falcon although it is not free-standing, being designed specifically for atttaching to a wall or post.

Made in the UK

• 1.2 Stored joules
• 12v Leisure battery input
• 18km Fence length
• High and low power settings
• Battery life approx. 3 - 4 weeks
• As P500 Falcon but wall or post mounted