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P300 Super Hawk

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Part Number: P300
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List Price: £162.00 inc vat  (£135.00 + vat)
Our Price: £124.50 inc vat  (£103.75 + vat)

The P300 Super Hawk electric fence energiser is designed to be used for strip grazing cattle, paddock fencing for horses and also for use with 1 or 2 rolls of electrified sheep netting. The P300 Super Hawk uses a 9v (8.4v) 9Oamp/hr disposable battery (product code P32) which lasts approximately 5 months on ‘high’ output and 6 months on 'low' output when used 24hrs/day. An independent earth stake, rather than the supporting metal feet, may be required with this unit if long fencing lengths are used in very dry conditions.

Made in the UK

• 0.12 Stored joules
• 9v Internally housed battery
• 1.5km Fence length
• High and low power settings
• Battery life approx. 19 - 25 weeks