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TP500-S Three Reel System

Hotline Hotline TP500-S Three Reel System - TP500-S
Part Number: TP500-S
List Price: £511.32 inc vat  (£426.10 + vat)
Our Price: £429.99 inc vat  (£358.33 + vat)

A boxed kit allowing you to set up a three reel fence with polywire up to 500m in length. Includes 3:1 Geared reels.

3 x P25G-5 3:1 Geared reels
3 x P62-500 Supercharge 9 strand polywire spooled on reels
50 x CP2000 Orange multi-wire posts
2 x PR3 End system posts (with insulators)
1 x PR2 Reel fixing posts
3 x BR1 Reel Bracket
1 x Heart clip double line connector

3 Reel kit for polywire
500m Fence line
3:1 Geared reels