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S500 Sprite

Hotline Hotline S500 Sprite - S500
Part Number: S500
List Price: £162.00 inc vat  (£135.00 + vat)
Our Price: £121.50 inc vat  (£101.25 + vat)

The Sprite can be powered by 12v external battery and by two 6v pJ996 batteries housed internally. The Sprite uses battery life at a rate related to the load represented by your fence, if your fence is long and/or susceptible to 'leakage' from vegetation, the battery will run down at a faster rate as the energiser maintains effective voltage. For high leakage fences, such as poultry netting, Hotline recommend operating from a 12v battery only using the 6v batteries to provide a backup when power is low or you are charging the 12v battery.

6v or 12v battery input
Internally housed battery 6v
High / low power setting
Low battery indicator
Rigid 4 prong stand
Battery life approx. 6 to 30 weeks