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Poultry Net Hot Gate

Hotline Hotline Poultry Net Hot Gate - PGS1
Part Number: PGS1
List Price: £35.94 inc vat  (£29.95 + vat)
Our Price: £29.99 inc vat  (£24.99 + vat)

This stand alone gate system can be incorporated into any poultry net. it simply ties into the end of the existing net and provides the 19mm gate posts, handles and dock that make the Hot Gate the ideal poultry net gate. By installing this 1.2 metre net in series with one or more 50 metre poultry nets, an instant access point is provided which lessens the chance of damage caused by regularly moving one end of the net or by climbing over it.

1.2m access gate
Height: 107cm (42")
Provides simple and easy access
Colour: Green