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P100S Super Eagle

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Part Number: P100S
List Price: £186.00 inc vat  (£155.00 + vat)
Our Price: £144.99 inc vat  (£120.83 + vat)

Semi-permanent fencing for sheep,cattle, poultry, silage clamp face and small paddocks for horses. It can also be used to deter rabbits.
The P100s Super Eagle electric fence energiser has the advantage of having two output terminals - Red is high output, Blue is Low output. The high output can be used for general farm use and semi-permanent fencing applications. The lower output is suitable for use at the silage clamp face and small paddock fencing.

Made in the UK

2.8 Stored joules
25km Fence length
110/240v Mains input
High and low power output settings
Electric consumption approx. 10 watts