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Gemini 120

Hotline Hotline Gemini 120 - HLC120
Part Number: HLC120
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List Price: £145.02 inc vat  (£120.85 + vat)
Our Price: £106.99 inc vat  (£89.16 + vat)

The Gemini range of electric fence energisers will run from either a 12v battery or from a 110/240v mains power supply, perfect for those wanting to make the transition from a temporary, portable fence to a low maintenance mains system without the expense of purchasing two energisers. This is ideal if you want to future proof the fence and envisage shifting from temporary to a more permanent installation and for those needing to move small poultry systems around their land where power requirements change. The units come with earth, fence and battery leads and a 12v mains adaptor; it can be mounted on either a wall or wooden post or hangs neatly on the Hotline ES2 earth stake.

Made in the UK

2.4 Stored joules
12v Battery or 240v mains input
18km Fence length
Low battery indicator
Electric consumption approx. 2.6 watts
85ah battery life approx. 3 weeks