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Double Off-Set Insulator

Hotline Hotline Double Off-Set Insulator - P64-10
Part Number: P64-10
List Price: £23.94 inc vat  (£19.95 + vat)
Our Price: £19.99 inc vat  (£16.66 + vat)

This is a very versatile insulator - it fastens onto stock fencing. When stapled to a post it extends 250mm (10") either side of the fence and is ideal for keeping animals, especially horses, away from each other in neighbouring paddocks. It can also be used vertically to extend the height of a fence either in one piece or cut in half. It is ideal for use with electro-tape. Staples are supplied.

Suitable for wire, rope & tape up to 20mm
Provides stand off from fence post
Pack of 10