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50m Poultry Kit

Hotline Hotline 50m Poultry Kit - PK50
Part Number: PK50
List Price: £258.00 inc vat  (£215.00 + vat)
Our Price: £199.99 inc vat  (£166.66 + vat)

This handy boxed poultry kit Includes 50m of green poultry netting with posts, a HLC80 Gemini energiser, four rigid corner posts and an earth stake. Can be powered from a 12v battery or from the mains. All that this kit requires is a 12V battery or some HT lead out cable if the unit is to be run from the mains.

Handy Poultry Kit
Includes 50m Poultry Net
Includes the HLC80 Gemini