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3:1 Geared Reel

Hotline Hotline 3:1 Geared Reel - P25G-5
Part Number: P25G-5
List Price: £55.44 inc vat  (£46.20 + vat)
Our Price: £48.51 inc vat  (£40.42 + vat)

A larger geared reel holding up to 800m of polywire or galvanised wire or 200m of 10mm tape. Fitted with a clutch pad to prevent over-running and to keep the wire/tape taut. It also has a 3:1 gear ratio so that the drum rotates 3 times faster than the handle. It will fit onto a PR2 post.

Holds up to 800m polywire or Galvanised wire or 200m 10mm tape
Strong and durable
3:1 Gear ratio for faster winding
Locking ratchet, carry handle and rigid steel crank handle